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Dana fosters communication, continuous education and is a fearless champion of propelling clients and her team forward. With over twenty-two years of exhibit design and trade show industry experience, she has received recognition for her award-winning designs, as well as her leadership throughout the industry. Such awards include EDPA Designer of the Year, and the 2017 Star Award. Dana leads the Creative Team and provides strategy to each design solution, focusing on solving clients’ specific needs and problems.


Dana has been an Adjunct Professor at BSU, a member of the BSU Advisory County, and participates in both the BSU and FIT year-end portfolio reviews for thee graduating class.


Dana is co-chair of the EDPA University Affiliations Committee and she manages the mentorship program. She is one of the individuals who restarted the EDPA Northeast Chapter, serving as Secretary, VP, and President, and she is currently on the EDPA (national) Board of Directors.



Vice President, Creative Services



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