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It was in 1968 that an idea matured into a concept and the concept was transformed into an ingenious product - the OCTANORM exhibition system.


The need to implement exhibit designs more efficiently, more logically and considerably more professionally; fired the imagination that eventually resulted in the world of systems that is now OCTANORM. Boasting over 2,000 product innovations, OCTANORM is not only the original exhibition system but is also the world market leader in system construction.  From the very start OCTANORM set about identifying and consistently applying the latest developments in both technology and design.  Also, from the outset, OCTANORM pursued a marketing strategy that was based on a partnership concept.


In 1978, OCTANORM branched out into the retail market by introducing the newline range into our product line.  In 1994, we achieved further diversification, this time into the display market.  And in 2003, our innovative cleanroom system was introduced further widening the OCTANORM range of products. 


The secret of our success has always been in our innovative ideas, experienced staff, state-of-the-art production methods and meticulous quality control.

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