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Expolinc, established in 1989, is a global leader in innovative portable, modular display systems and event marketing solutions. Renowned for design excellence and user-friendly products, Expolinc offers modular displays, banner stands, pop-ups, and other promotional systems. These easily transportable products are ideal for businesses participating in trade shows and events, providing flexibility in marketing strategies.


Emphasizing quality and sustainability in manufacturing, Expolinc ensures durable and eco-friendly solutions. With a worldwide presence, the company serves diverse industries, aiding businesses in making a lasting impression at events. Expolinc's customer-centric approach and dedication to innovation make it a trusted partner for effective and visually appealing display solutions.


In summary, Expolinc, a leading provider of portable and modular display systems, is known for design excellence, user-friendly products, and sustainability, playing a crucial role in enhancing business visibility at global events.

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