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OA Visuals, a division of Oscar & Associates, focuses on the art and technique of photographing and video production of exhibits and other temporary installations.


The harsh lighting on trade show floors and the complexity of detail in exhibit booths makes it difficult to get high-quality, professional imagery of your booth. That is why OA Visuals produces each view of your booth by capturing multiple exposures of and then hand editing each one to create the final high resolution professional marketing image. This allows your booth to truly shine and look as great, if not better, in pictures than it does in real life.



Have you ever seen a time lapse video of an exhibit booth build or detail of the design of an exhibit booth?  Working with our clients we produce engaging, informative and entertaining videos showing just that.  Look at some of our videos and let us know if you would like to discuss how we can work together and produce one for you or your client.  

Contact us to talk about how your project can benefit from working with OA Visuals.

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