Student Spotlight

The EDPA Midwest had partnered with the Product Innovation Research Lab at the University of Illinois for their 2020 Spring Semester to build awareness for our industry. We submitted a fictional RFP for an electric car company exhibiting at the LA Auto Show for the students to use. We were able to bring the students to the Chicago Auto Show so they could experience a show with a team of professionals who educated them on current trends and necessary logistics in exhibit designing and building. Then, we set up a virtual presentation for the students with an industry Creative Director. She presented her EuroShop 2020 Design trends to a group of 22 students at the end of March to keep them engaged while they work remotely. The student's final presentations were on Tuesday, May 12 via ZOOM with a panel of professional industry designers who gave the students feedback in real time during their presentations. The students did a great job and many are seeking internships and networking opportunities.


Please review the student's work below and reach out to them directly if you have an opportunity for them in the future.

Curtis Circelli
Jimmy Chen
Simon Dai
Henry Duckworth
Alexandra Estrada
Lijiang Fu
Hye Hyun Kim
Cheyenne Lam
Jay Lee
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