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Aluvision offers solutions for straight and curved walls, lightboxes, LED tunnels, floors, walls, and 3D structures, and more. We focus on the details, and the artistry of modular exhibit systems in everything we innovate and manufacture.

Aluvision’s mission is to ensure creativity is never stifled. For our customers, this means creating the (nearly) impossible for exhibits and event environments. We design our modular systems from the perspective of both artistry and engineering ingenuity. In short: Aluvision makes immersive, flexible art.

Aluvision inspires and connects partners on their creative journey to design and build complete event environments with a focus on durability, reusability, precision, flexibility, and versatility. Our partners can rely on fast delivery and outstanding customer service.

We work with over 3,500 event partners globally, with manufacturing in Belgium, full-service production in Belgium and the US (Georgia), and product showrooms in Belgium, Georgia, and now in Las Vegas.

Let’s imagineer.

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