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Shared resources from our meeting on April 11, 2024

at The River Forest Country Club from Charles Pappas




The more specific your prompt, the better. Coefficient will take your text or spreadsheet-formula prompt and, like a good editor, make it infinitely better and all without taking credit for it.


Free version and paid, starting at $49+ per month.


An intuitive (you won’t rip your hair out over the user interface) prompt generator for images, PromptHero has an extensive library of examples and pre-set prompts. It also allows you to create your owns tags, or use effective tags generated by other users.

Free version and paid, starting at $9+ per month.

ChatGPT Prompt Generator

Uses simple drop-down menus that allow you to progressively compose a query.





AI Writing Assistant


AI Writing Assistant offers 76 tools that help you produce copy for emails, blogs, CTAs, web content, social media posts, ads, video scripts, product descriptions, and even job descriptions — and can do all that in more than 25 languages.


Free trial, then $25+ per month



Working mostly with text-based content like ChatGPT generates, Jasper can assist you in running integrated-marketing campaigns, writing blogs, optimizing content for SEO, and planning for social media campaigns.

Free Trial, then $39+ per month.



AI Tool Report

The AI Tool Report newsletter offers a compelling resource for anyone interested in AI, providing a wealth of content to enhance productivity through the use of AI tools. This newsletter stands out by offering a daily digest that covers a wide range of topics, including trending tools, training on ChatGPT and Bing, top AI news headlines, and an extensive database of AI tools and prompts




Funded in part by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Perplexity differentiates itself from Google by not displaying a cascade of links while answering questions, instead synthesizing answers from the information gathered and offering citations to back the facts up — making it a reliable tool for business research.  Like ChatGPT, it can write copy for blogs social media past and more and also keeps a “library” on hand of your past questions and answers. The pro version permits unlimited queries, the ability to upload documents, images, and more for it to learn from.




1. Given the user's initial prompt "{user prompt: “Insert your original prompt here between the quote marks"}," enhance it. 1. Start with clear, precise instructions placed at the beginning of the prompt. 2. Include specific details about the desired context, outcome, length, format, and style. 3. Provide examples of the desired output format, if possible. 4. Use appropriate leading words or phrases to guide the desired output, especially if code generation is involved. 5. Avoid any vague or imprecise language. 6. Rather than only stating what not to do, provide guidance on what should be done instead. Remember to ensure the revised prompt remains true to the user's original intent.

2. Pose your particular problem or need. After you’ve written it out, tell the AI “When you answer this, act as StoryBot. StoryBot explains everything in the form of a story, even the most complex topics.”


Cause an A.I. to Melt Down

Remember the “Star Trek” trope of causing a computer to have a nervous breakdown by trapping it in a logical inconsistency? And then it explodes? You can even override an AI like ChatGPT and cause it to malfunction:


There are more than 100 strange word strings all clustered together in GPT’s “mind” aka its instruction sets. These include  “ TheNitromeFan,” “SolidGoldMagikarp,” “StreamerBot.” According to one report, when someone asked ChatGPT about “SolidGoldMagikarp” it said, “You’re a jerk.”

Theft Prevention

You can protect yourself against AI stealing your work. A new tool called Nightshade lets artists add invisible changes to their digital their art before they upload it online so that if an AI feeds on it for its training, it’ll react to the artwork much like a human being would the nightshade plant itself: it’ll break down break down in messy and unpredictable ways.


Safety in Numbers

There is a robust community of people on Reddit ( ) who focus solely on ChatGPT and AI in general. It’s a rabbit hole that’s almost as addictive as the AITA sub-Reddit.  

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